FindaGrave cronies come out of the woodwork

So it’s been some time since I updated my FindaGrave Saga. Things died down somewhat for a while, but recently started up again via some “groups” on Facebook. After telling my story here, disgruntled Findagravers started coming out of the woodwork! A few had gathered in these groups on Facebook and we all started sharing our experiences and trying to point out what we felt were problems and illegalities with that website.

Then this person showed up one day, calling herself “Pixie Dixie.” She was hell bent on trying to discredit me publicly. She scoured google and found an article in the L.A. Times about a theater company that I had founded, and subsequently left. Of course, she decided she was only going to pick and choose pieces of the story and concoct her own story out of it. Anyway, I didn’t care…I know the real story and it’s out there for anyone that want’s to read it.

I had finally had it with Pixie Dixie, so I went to her Facebook Profile page and suspecting that she had created that profile just to come in and harass us, reported her as having dual profiles, which is against Facebook rules. I wondered if anything would come of that….read on.

So we were all wondering who this Pixie Dixie actually was, and what was her purpose in sticking her nose into this story, if she wasn’t actually a part of it. Was she just a busy-body gossip?

So, a fellow ally sent me a link to a thread in the FindaGrave Forums where they were lambasting me (BEWARE forum freaks, there are spies among you!), looking for lawyers to sue, etc. I read it with much amusement, especially a particular egregiously vile post by a gal named Julie Sullivan. More on her later.

In going through this thread, though, I came across a poster by the moniker “Bugaboo.” Strangely, this Bugaboo was talking about posts on Facebook that were made by “Pixie Dixie” and “Charlotte Boteler Stovall” as though it was actually her! Take a look…

So who was “pointing out” on Facebook? Why it was Charlotte Boteler Stovall, of course!

So Bugaboo also writes:

So the ONLY person I reported their Facebook account being false, was Pixie Dixie! And here is “Bugaboo” talking about me reporting “HER” Facebook profile as being fake.


But wait, there’s more…

So when you look up Bugaboo’s profile, she stupidly has her real email address listed (which I won’t list here).

So I google that, and what pops up, but a post on where she’s talking about being the neice of another Ancestry member!

Now are we to assume that it’s just a wild coincidence that the “Bugaboo” on the FindaGrave Forums has the same moniker as this person on Ancestry? It’s not just “Bugaboo” by the way, it’s “Bugaboomdc,” which maches the Findagrave Forum email address of “Bugaboo. How likely is it that there’s two “Bugaboos” that also end in “mdc,” that are also interested in genealogy?!

So since this post on Ancestry lists who this person’s family is, another minute or so provides information that Bugaboo(mdc), aka Bugaboo, aka Pixie Dixie, is actually Charlotte Boteler Stovall, aka “CJ” on Findagrave, who ironically has caused problems for other members on Findagrave, and is “friends” with Robert Edwards, the administrator that banned me!.

So I get up this morning and Ms. Stovall has honored me by unblocking my account for 48 hours so she can rip into me. She accuses me of being a stalker, and that I accused her of being someone that she’s not (ie Pixie Dixie). She says, “I have NEVER hidden my identity but believe me, to have a total stranger publicly post the fact that they have been searching for information on me and my family is quite unsettling to say the least.”

Then why did she put information about her family on the internet?

She goes on to say,

“I don’t know you, I don’t know what your problem is but I can guarantee that if you continue to harass and stalk me I will file an official complaint with face book (sic) and to your local police department. After my 48 hours is up to block you again, I will do so. Once I block you, you WILL NOT see another post that I make and I won’t see another post you make.”

So, she’s going to report me for doing a google search? How did I harass her? This was the first communique I’ve had with her outside of the forum, where she made no accusations of stalking. How does she get “stalking” out of “research” anyway??!!

These FindaGrave cronies are just getting so boring. Most of these people aren’t even directly involved in what happened between my account and Findagrave, but they’re sticking their noses in anyway. They’re just a bunch of busy-body gossips.

Or, now that I see she’s friends with Robert Edwards…WAS she involved?!

Stay tuned!


So apparently Ms. Charlotte Boteler Stovall has read this blog. Here’s what then transpired on Facebook:

Then I realize she said in the post as Bugaboo (listed above): “Well I’m assuming Eric reported my facebook as being fake but after answering a question or two I got in. They also think I’m Denise.”

The ONLY person we ever accused of being “Denise” was “Pixie Dixie!” Why would we accuse Charlotte Boteler Stovall of being Denise?! Her name is clearly not a fake!