More childish antics from FindAGrave!

So,  the other day I was on my high school alumni website (that I am the administrator of) and clicked on a classmate’s link to his memorial on FindAGrave. It came up as non existent. Crap! I started clicking on others, the same thing. So I checked my mom’s memorial and sure enough, it was deleted.

All of my memorials have been deleted AGAIN! Guess he finally got wind of my complaints!

I’ve also written to outlining all of this and requesting that they look into starting a similar service there. They wrote back and told me I”m not the first to complain to them about FindAGrave and that they would indeed check with their programmers and see about offering the “memorial” services.

I know many of you LOVE this site and I did too. But there are too many egos there ruining things for others, and they can’t be allowed to destroy hundreds of hours of someone’s work (that deals with their loved ones) with the click of a computer key.

I will now work tirelessly to see that either things change there, or the site is taken down and revived somewhere else. No one controls or destroys my work and gets away with it.

Also, are you all aware that if you delete a photo from a memorial, it’s never really deleted unless you specifically write them and ask that it be deleted from the server. Even then, can you really trust that they’ll do it?

And I’m tired of hearing some of you FindAGrave cronies telling me that it’s a “free” site and I have no right to complain. It may be free to use, but it by no means is not a money-making venture for Mr. Jim Tipton. Not only does he sell sponsorships of the memorials that WE create, he also bombards us with advertising that he makes money from. The more people that patronize the site, the more money he makes off of the work WE put there.