Allowed back in to findagrave!

So after a month, I wrote to findagrave founder, Jim Tipton again and told him that it had been a month since he said he would get back to me. He wrote back:

“After receiving the BBB notice, I figured you were done. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people submit BBB complaints regarding Find A Grave. The BBB sees them as a waste of time because they are typically policy disputes, not customer/business disputes. If there’s no exchange of money, they basically aren’t interested. And, I, personally, certainly see BBB complaints as a waste of time. I let them sit on my desk for weeks or months and then I finally call and explain the situation and they dismiss them. So, when I saw your complaint, it seemed like a pretty good jab at me, personally.”

Hmmmm…I wrote back and told him that when you can’t get help from those in charge at a business, a person’s only recourse is to turn to a place like the Better Business Bureau. The tone of the rest of his email was a little harsh and I wasn’t sure why he was so upset. I explained to him that all I ever wanted to do was participate on the site and do it right…and that I expected everyone else to as well. INCLUDING THE ADMINISTRATORS.

He reinstated me.

He went on to say:

“I read all of your comments and I appreciate you taking the time. I agree with many of the arguments. Different admins are better and/or worse at different things and none of us will get every call correct in every case. I can’t possibly be part of every decision and, even if I were, it still doesn’t mean we’d get everything right. We’ve grown way bigger than I ever anticipated and that type of growth doesn’t come with some issues. We’ll work it out.

Welcome back.”

So he KNOWS the administrators there are a problem. I offered to help him any way he thought he could use me…but the didn’t take me up on that. In fact, he just ignored my offer.

Later I tried to get back into the forums and am still blocked there. I wrote to him about that and he said that the forums are a separate entity and he basically stays out of there. Apparently he knows about the problems there as well.

Since, I tried submitting another “famous” memorial, this time for the mayor of my hometown. Mr. “Bobnoxious” sent me an email stating that it was not “famous” as findagrave defines it and sent me a link to their definitions fo “famous.”  Here’s the definition:

It would appear the only criteria for “famous” is that the individual is known outside their community?!

I went through and found another mayor who IS listed as famous…a certain mayor of Cincinnati who was a replacement mayor after the regular mayor died. No birthplace listed and no photo. My mayor had every bit of information necessary. So I wrote back to “Bobnoxious” and Jim Tipton and explained this asking why my mayor was rejected but this mayor was included.

No response.

This website has the potential to be great, but it won’t ever be as long as they have tyrannical administrators and an owner who doesn’t seem to care.