Well, maybe some good news. I sent this email to owner, Jim Tipton:

Dear Jim,

I guess since I have not heard back from you, you approve of Bobnoxious actions of banning me and there’s no chance of me getting the over 300 memorials back that I’ve worked so hard to enter.

I’ve been sitting here googling findagrave problems, and I must say I’m shocked at what I’ve found. Here I thought I was the only one who had been arbitrarily banned like this and treated like crap, but there’s actually LOTS of people who have had similar problems. You also have a “C” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Your website it great…it’s a great service to genealogists. What a shame you’ve allowed your horrible administrators to take over and create such havoc.

Regardless of banning me, I’ll never understand deleting all the work I put in on the site, which benefits everyone, not just me. I’ve sat here every morning for the last 2 months entering obituaries in of people I don’t even know, so that they’ll be there when people need them.

And now they’re all gone.

Even your wikipedia page talks about problems on your site.

I beg you one last time to reinstate me and I also beg you to reconsider who you have working for you as administrators. Anyone who has the name bobnoxious, can’t be the kind of person to be fair.

Merry Christmas,

Eric Andrist

AND….I actually, finally, got a reply (such as it is):

Please give me a few days to get to this. Busy time.



So stay tuned!

And Merry Christmas!