FindaGrave cronies come out of the woodwork

So it’s been some time since I updated my FindaGrave Saga. Things died down somewhat for a while, but recently started up again via some “groups” on Facebook. After telling my story here,… Continue reading

FindAGrave and the Better Business Bureau

OMG…I had to laugh at Jim Tipton’s response to my Better Business Bureau complaint! Here’s what he said: This complaint was filed by someone who is upset with our policies, procedures and our… Continue reading

More childish antics from FindAGrave!

So,  the other day I was on my high school alumni website (that I am the administrator of) and clicked on a classmate’s link to his memorial on FindAGrave. It came up as… Continue reading

The childish drama continues at FindaGrave!

Well, just when I thought things were getting back to normal, the shit hits the fan. Apparently Mr. Jim Tipton, owner of FindaGrave hadn’t seen my blog until just recently. After reinstating my… Continue reading

Allowed back in to findagrave!

So after a month, I wrote to findagrave founder, Jim Tipton again and told him that it had been a month since he said he would get back to me. He wrote back:… Continue reading

Bobnoxious was wrong about something….

Something kept rubbing me wrong about what findagrave administrator, Robert Edwards (bobnoxioius), said to me. Re Steve Landesberg: 1). You never submitted your memorial for famous. That’s a required step. Before posting a… Continue reading


I gave up my career almost nine years ago to care full time for my disabled sister. That gives me a lot of time with nothing to do as I can’t leave her… Continue reading update

Well, maybe some good news. I sent this email to owner, Jim Tipton: Dear Jim, I guess since I have not heard back from you, you approve of Bobnoxious actions of banning… Continue reading